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PERSONAL FINANCE          100 % free software license

Personal finance often boils down to a few important questions, such as:

- What's my current financial situation?

- Do I live within my means?

- How can I improve my financial situation?

Hot-Accounts can assist you considerably in answering these questions with a minimum of effort.  It's also a very secure solution as your data is safely stored on your own pc in a password protected and encrypted Hot-Accounts database.  The program provides a number of powerful functions even suitable for clubs, investors and businesses:

      -  ACCOUNT SETUP Wizard       -  Import BANK STATEMENTS (Csv, Excel, CAMT.053)     - BUDGETING

      -  PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT (Fixed Assets, Stock/Options, Futures, Inventory) + Financial project management 

      -  Create PAYMENT FILES (SEPA / Generic Credit Transfer xml files, ISO20022)

      -  CALCULATE basic and fidelity INTERESTS     -  Multi-Currency     - Multi-Language

 Hot-Accounts can be used by everyone and at no cost:

Keep track of bank accounts, income and expenses. Live within your household budget.
Budget and follow-up income and expenses,  even at activity level! 
Manage e.g. a bar ( inventory) 
Create payment files, manage fixed assets.
Manage investment portfolios.

Get introduced. Watch these screencasts   IntroGS2

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All program functions can be used unrestrictedly and at no cost.
   There is no license limitation on the number of accounts or on the number of transactions.
   Optionally define and use your own budget item categories instead of those that are standard provided.
   Updates are also free of charge within the same version. 

PROGRAM COMPATIBILITY:  Hot-Accounts can be installed and used on pc's and laptops with Windows 7, Windows 8.1 , Windows 10
Microsoft Internet Explorer/Edge has to be installed in order to use the payment module (another browser can be set as default)